Gamblers Wanted: Atlantic City Gamblers Show Up, Finally, at Revel

Gamblers Wanted: Atlantic City Gamblers Show Up, Finally, at Revel

Even Revel’s Facebook web page bears their slogan that is new Wanted

It’s the very first good news since Atlantic City’s latest casino opened: finally, a marketing campaign appears to be working, and July’s numbers mirror the improvements every where within Revel Casino-Hotel.

New Campaign Working

With its seemingly apparent ‘Gamblers Wanted’ campaign including a massive sign plastered directly on the front side for the casino Revel has apparently caused it to be clear that their former no-smoking, chi-chi attitude is away with the Atlantic Ocean tides, and a more approachable ‘come on in and spend your money’ tactic is working for them.

Revel’s revenues for were $23.4 million, from a combined take from both slots and table games, which represents a dramatic 33 percent jump from last year july.

‘I think the July results clearly mirror the impact of the ‘Gamblers Wanted’ campaign,’ said Jeffrey Hartman, Revel’s interim CEO.

Overall, however, Atlantic City casinos will be wanting more gamblers; the numbers for most of the gambling that is beleaguered’s casinos continued to freefall, with a nearly 4 percent drop when compared with 2012, according to numbers released by the state’s Division of Gaming Enforcement. The only other casinos that showed gains besides Revel had been Borgata, up 19 %, and Resorts Casino Hotel, having a 6 percent jump when compared with last 12 months.

Holiday Helpers

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As Initial Excitement Dies Down, Complaints Pile Up For

As Initial Excitement Dies Down, Complaints Pile Up For

You know just how it goes: first, you’re the hero, then chances are you’re the villain. Welcome to life that is real, You’re now in Phase Two of being the first online that is legal site in Nevada.

After a bit more when compared to a week one of the masses, a huge selection of several thousand hands already played, and up to 80 tables running at once, now the gripers are starting to pipe up, and they have plenty to state.

Dated Software

The complaints are typical on the map, but vary from issues with software, site program, speed and also getting verified to relax and play. UltimatePoker’s overseers over at land-based channels Casinos say they are aware of the issues and are working on it, but are unperturbed at the exact same time.

‘What was really important to us was getting the early-mover advantage,’ said site designer Ultimate Gaming’s chief marketing officer Joe Versaci. ‘We figured what we have to do is prioritize the most popular game with the skinniest offering. That allows us to get through the field trial with few items that could hold us up in terms of hurdles.’ Allow us to convert: ‘We desired to beat all of the other programs who had been scrambling to get online first, so we destroyed no rest using a product that is mediocre beta testing to accomplish this.’


Among the problems that surfaced quickly were a lack of easily available hand histories (generally eff ادامه مطلب